USB Autorun

USB Autorun is a utility software to execute programs, scripts and files when a specific USB device is attached.
It is programed in the .NET 4.0 framework and is supported on all Windows computers which can run the .NET 4.0 runtime.
Very handy when you need to copy/move files from camera or usb sticks or open an specific application when it is inserted.
I use it for forward local tcp port to my Android device when I dont have Wi-Fi on my PC. Android SDK (adb.exe) is need it for that.
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Main features:

  • Pair a USB device with a file to execute when the USB device is attached and add the pair to a watch list
  • Remove pair from the watch list
  • Notifications for attach and detach events
  • Log for events
  • Portable setup (no installation is required)
  • Can run any files as in command prompt eg. exe-files, bat-files including del, copy, xcopy commands
Guide to use it with Android devices in no-WiFi situations: link to post

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Current release:
USBAutorun 1.2
USBAutorun 1.2 
USBAutorun 1.2 

USBAutorun 1.1.2
USBAutorun 1.1.1 
USBAutorun 1.1.1
USBAutorun 1.1.1

Change Log:

Version 1.2
-Windows 8 compatible

Version 1.1.2
-Check USB devices on start (if a known USB device is already connected when program starts)
-Supporting more USB Device ID formats
-Removed shell output from file execution to prevent some hang issues
-About page added

Screen shots:


  1. Hello! I like this application, but the only problem is, it's annoying to restart the app always. Can you please add support for scanning the devices always (or 30 seconds), something like that.
    Sorry for ban English! :-) and Thank you!

    1. *bad English sorry, :D, see?

    2. Hello, I dont understand you problem. How are you using it?
      The program should always run, and you should setup at executable to run upon connection. You have to choose the right device.

    3. He's wondering if you could change the program so that it polled the computer for connected on an interval (or continuously) so that it could detect USB devices on the list without having to plug the devices in before starting USB Autorun. As it currently stands, USB Autorun can't recognize when devices are plugged in AFTER it's been started; it can only recognize devices that are plugged in BEFORE it's started. If you could fix that, we'd much appreciate it :)

  2. Hello
    Very good this utility to run programs, scripts and files at the time that binds a specific USB device.

    For me that would be very importamte also do the reverse,
    run programs, scripts and files when you turn off a specific USB device.

    If I can implement for when you disconnect a device could also work for a project I have in mind

    thank you